Genesis of SCB Forums

Twenty-four years ago, Anat Bird owned a bank consulting company in New York City and developed the concept of SuperCommunity Banking, subsequently writing two well-received books on the subject. She then came up with the idea of bringing these institutions together in a small informal setting to discuss the unique challenges faced by these particular banks, which she had grown to know very well from her first-hand experience as a Chief Executive of a SuperCommunity Bank. Anat found that providing a setting in which participants can talk amongst themselves, share their toughest challenges and their greatest successes, and discuss tangible performance improvements gave her participants an invaluable opportunity to learn from one another and to improve using this new information. After many years running Forums for chief executives and continuing to work in the industry, Anat decided to extend this concept to all C-level executives with similar success.

Today, almost a quarter-century later, we have expanded to meet demand by holding 46 meetings per year. Each one allows bank executives the opportunity to interact, face-to-face, with 12 to 18 peers in a confidential, relaxed environment. The atmosphere is casual; you're your jeans an absolutely no ties! Open to C-level and executive team members at banks with assets over $1 billion, our Forums prioritize open interaction, knowledge sharing and networking. Our Forums include Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Wealth Management, Private Banking, Human Resources, Retail, Product Management, Marketing, Chief Information Officers, Consumer Lending, Commercial Banking, Operations, Chief Credit Officers, Chief Risk Officers, Compliance, Small Business Banking, Payments, Audit, BSA and Call Center. As you can tell, we have a lot of variety; it's because participants come back again and again, and they tell their colleagues about the valuable feedback and information our meetings provide.

All meetings are facilitated by Anat Bird, who brings 35 years of banking industry experience to the table. There are no speakers, no vendors, and no talking heads –just straight talk among peers. Everyone contributes, and no one hides in the weeds (Anat wouldn't allow it!). The agenda is driven by client needs and each meeting is full of vibrant interaction. Since competitors are not allowed to attend the same meeting there is absolute candor and free information sharing of specific and relevant material. You will learn what works and, as importantly, what does not work. Another major benefit is the formation of long-term relationships with peers in the same position at other banks. In fact, some members have been attending our Forums for 20 years. In this day of economic uncertainty and regulatory scrutiny, forums such as ours are more valuable than ever. We expect you to go home with several actionable take-aways you can implement right away.

It is important to conduct these meetings in relaxed and comfortable locations. Consequently, we generally go to 5 Star resorts, and because of our long history with many top hotels nationwide we typically get group rates that are often 50% of the standard rates. Also, to keep the meetings fresh, we are not wedded to any one location. We have held meetings in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Charleston, SC, Savannah, West Palm Beach, Miami, Ft. Meyers, New Orleans, Chicago, San Antonio, Santa Fe, Denver, Aspen, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, and Napa. We also realize that you can't work well on an empty stomach so we provide a special dining experience both at the meeting and at dinner afterwards. Our members talk about the food long after the meeting! Anat also understands and embraces the importance of family; many members bring their spouses and families with them to our meetings, and they are well taken care of with winery visits, Plantation Tours, historic tours, and other activities depending on the location.

After running and facilitating these Forums for almost 25 years, we know how to put together a valuable, informative, and fun experience for our members. We continue to include new participants with fresh outlooks every year, which keeps our meetings relevant and useful. After all this time, we know from member feedback that Anat's idea conceived all those years ago works, and it works well. Come find out for yourself!