Category Anat Dick
Non-fiction book An Army At Dawn by Rick Atkinson 1491
Fiction book Our Holocuast Bookseller of Kabul
Cookbook Daniel Boulud, Braising
Movie She Went Away The Departed
Music Sabma school music, Rio Carnival
Restaurant (domestic) Le Bernardine, NYC Yank Sing, San Francisco
Restaurant (international) Marius, Rio de Janeiro café Kor, Budapest
TV Show Prime Suspect VI Mad Men
Wine (expensive) Tokaj Oremus 5 putanyos
Wine (affordable) Any Spanish Cava Any Spanish Cava
Family trip Israel (Arik's bar mitzvah) Arik's bar mitzvah
Chocolatier Honold, Zurich Honold
Dish (restaurant) Baby goat, Madrola suckling pig, Botin (Madrid)
Dish (home) Lighten-than-air chocolate roll Grilled buffalo steak
Cheese Quark
Dessert Poppy seed strudel, Ruszwurm, Budapest Rigo Janci, Four Seasons hotel Budapest
Hotel (domestic) Peninsula Chicago Peninsula Chicago
Hotel (international) Hotel Ritz, Madrid Four Seasons Gresham Palace Budapest
Play Frost/Nixon
Vacation Destination Barcelona Budapest
Sporting event World cup soccer "White-out" at Hoosier Dome
Major event Arik's bar mitzvah and Food Pilgrimage Arik's bar mitzvah
Non-fiction book Killer Angels Michael Shaara Killer Angels Michael Shaara
Fiction book 100 years of solitude Gabriel Garcia Marquez Vanity Fair William Thackery
Cookbook Arabqesque
Movie Casino Royal Match Point
Music Gwen Stefani yodeling
Restaurant (domestic) Bistro Jeanty Yountville, CA Piperade San Francisco
Restaurant (International) Aux Armes De France Ammerschweir, France Aux Armes De France Ammerschweir, France
TV Show Midsommer Murders Grey's Anatomy
Wine (expensive) Tokaj Pinot Gris St. Landelin 2001 Anthology Conn Creek 2000
Wine (affordable) Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel
Family trip Egypt Bhutan
Chocolatier Amedei, Tuscany
Dish (restaurant) Coq Au Vin Bistro Jeanty Fois Gras de canard Aux Armes De France
Dish (home) Osso Bucco Gil's chicken stir fry
Cheese Sheep’s milk Tomette d'Itette Basque country Gorgonzola
Dessert Dick's Strawberry, pastry cream and whipped cream birthday cake St. Regis Hotel, Aspen Basil sorbet balls Beurheisel (Austria)
Hotel (domestic) Rancho Valencia Rancho Santa Fe Peninsula Hotel, Chicago
Hotel (international) Four Seasons Langkawi (Malaysia) Amankora (Bhutan)
Play History Boys
Special Event Swan Lake ballet Performed by Kirov, with Liat
Vacation Destination Alsace Bhutan
Sporting event California cross-country Championship (Gil ran) Same
Major event Renewing our wedding vows Renewing our wedding vows
Non-fiction book Under the Banner of Heaven Alexander Hamilton
Fiction book Catnappers Middmarch
Cookbook The French Laundry by Thomas Keller
Movie Star Wars III Crash
Music Mom's CD by My Kids Classic Performance
Restaurant (Domestic) French Laundry Babbo
Restaurant (International) Matthew Viannais, Lyon, France Yacout, Marrakech,Morocco
TV Show Inspector Morse House
Wine (Expensive) Weinbach Riesling Cuvee Laurence 2001 Silver Oak 1995 Cabernet
Wine (Affordable) Riojas Peju Provence table wine
Family trip Africa Africa
Chocolatier Michel Chaudin, Paris Galler, Boca Raton
Dish (Restaurant) Bstilla at Yacout Bstilla (pigeon pie)
Dish (Home) Chocolate souffle Braised pork chops
Cheese Sheep's milk Abbaye Beloc, Basque country
Dessert Roi (Versailles) pistacchio apricot napoleon Cremeschnitt Zauner (Austria)
Hotel (Domestic) Charleston Place (8th floor) Charleston Place
Hotel (International) Little Ongava (Namibia) Mamounia
Play Spamelot Doubt
Vacation Destination Salzburg Botswana
Sporting event CAHA State Championship (Midget Hockey) CAHA State Championship (Midget Hockey)
Major event Isabella’s birth Paul’s graduation